The ruins of Coba


The next stop was the ruins of Coba, we headed out early in the morning and wandered around the ruins before the heat became too much. Coba is unique as it is one of the ruins where you are allowed to climb up to the top of the pyramid using a rope. As we watched and laughed at the hordes of tourists attempting to conquer the huge steps Alex ran up the stairs with the ease of a mountain goat and the speed of a jaguar with no need for some stupid tourist-assisting rope. He was up and down within 10 minutes even taking time to admire the view and snap a selfie.

P1060832 P1060827

Coba was a really large ruin with lots of walks to the different pyramids and village areas. Although it was a large ruins site you can hire bikes to wander around or even pay a local to ride you around on a tuk-tuk.

 P1060847 P1060817 P1060820

On our way home we spotted a sign for a cenote and decided to pop in and have a swim, this one involved some pretty full-on 4wding which our tiny little hatchback didn’t particularly enjoy. We enjoyed the beautiful cool waters and the serenity of being totally alone at this cenote.




We then went out for dinner in Tulum at a place I had heard some pretty great things about called Harwood. When we first got there at 6pm (the time it opened) there was already a line up but the food and atmosphere was totally worth it.


P1060888 P1060890




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