Our first Ecuadorian stop – Cuenca

Alex and I enjoying  some equatorial sunshine
Alex and I enjoying some equatorial sunshine

Cuenca was our first stop in Ecuador and is a fairly large city. We only had a limited amount of time in Cuenca and our first stop was to find somewhere to watch the Australian game in the world cup. We found a sports bar nearby that was fully set up to watch Australia lose dismally (no real surprises there) but it was a fun night drinking beer and spending time with our friends.

Wandering around the city
Wandering around the city


The next day Alex and I headed towards the Banco National Museum that we had read about that has an exhibition on shrunken heads in Ecuador and the cultural practices behind them. It was quite an interesting exhibition with descriptions in English and was quite educational! Although we though Cuenca was a beautiful city with many churches all in all it wasn’t very interesting. The best part of our time was finding a really cool restaurant called Republica Sur that on a Saturday afternoon did Paella and had fantastic cocktails.

Republica Sur
Republica Sur
Freshly made Paella
Freshly made Paella
Cute cuenca
Cute Cuenca
Cuenca Churches
Cuenca Churches

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