Mancora and our farewell to beautiful Peru

Mancora was our last city  before we departed Peru for Ecuador. Mancora is a gorgeous northern coastal city with beach side restaurants and not much else to do but lie around and enjoy the golden sands and waves. We were staying in the Loki hostel which is infamous for loud parties and the people that usually come with said loud parties. My plans of sleeping peacefully were slowly diminishing but once we arrived the hostel was surprisingly beautiful and the noise wasn’t that bad!  We also happened to be at the hostel for the beginning of the world cup which was great as they had world cup parties!


Our first stop in Mancora was going out to visit a local fishing pier where we had heard about an opportunity to swim with sea turtles that are swimming from the Galapagos Islands. A group of us jumped on a local bus that took us to a nearby town where we then caught a mototaxi out to the pier. Once we arrived we walked down the pier where all the local fishermen were filleting their fish,  throwing the scraps in the water. As soon as a fisherman threw some fishy scraps in the ocean the turtles went nuts for an effortless free feed! We then jumped in and started swimming with them, they are absolutely huge prehistoric looking animals. They weren’t bothered by our presence at all but rather interested in us swimming under, around and even into us. Two  of the girls in our group got a little too close for comfort and got bitten by the turtles! Although incredibly hard to capture on film (or sd card) it was truly one of the most amazing experiences and I’d recommend it for anyone in this gorgeous area.

10362639_10204341349836554_1902096066_n 10389983_10154238106480483_1854081547440947396_n

After a super successful day we enjoyed the afternoon on the beautiful Peruvian coast.

P1050435 P1050444

Our next day we went out on a boat trip just out of Mancora where a few people had the opportunity to fish and enjoyed the beautiful sunshine. The pier was quite adorable with the local boats and birds. On our trip we were able to see seahorses, boobies, pelicans, turtles and a penguin swimming

. P1050443 P1050426 P1050420 P1050419 \

A few people were quite successful with their fishing and our guides mother then invited us back to her house to try the fish ceviched. Ceviche is a way of preparing seafood by “cooking” it in lime juice without actually cooking it!

Again another lovely city and the gorgeous weather made it even better!


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