Sandbording party in Huacachina

Huacachina - A desert oasis!
Huacachina – A desert oasis!

Huacachina is a quaint little oasis in the middle of a beautiful sand desert with a few restaurants and hotels dotted around it. When we arrived in the hot desert we had a few hours to wander around the Oasis and then we jumped into dune buggies ready for an adventure.

Loving the dune buggy life
Loving the dune buggy life
Dune Buggy
Dune bugging in Huacachina
Our dune buggy crew
Our dune buggy crew
Beautiful Huacachina
Beautiful Huacachina

The dune buggies were quite large but super agile with absolutely crazy drivers who loved to show off their driving “skills” which made for an extreme ride in itself. Once we had torn up a sand dune we all jumped out and were handed sand boards which we were expected to lay face first on and fly down a mountain made of sand. Fun for some and petrifying for others. They waxed up our boards and one by one we stared flying face first down the dunes hearing screams of excitement. I jumped on my board and flew down that mountain having a blast! The best part about sandboarding with a dune buggy is that you have a way to get up those huge piles of sand (previous sand boarding in Australia has taught me that this is no easy job).  We then spent the rest of the afternoon into the evening soaring down dune after dune. Alex and a few of the other boys decided to go down their sand boards like snowboards and had an awesome time and definitely impressed me.

Sand boarding in Huacachina
Sand boarding in Huacachina

Once the sun had set we drove down into a valley where a camp fire was burning and drinks and appetisers were waiting for us. As the night proceeded we had a beautiful BBQ dinner under the stars and set up camp next to the campfire! What a wonderful night!



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