Pryamids and Mummies

After a night in Puerto Ica we headed towards Nazca and were given the opportunity to do a tour of the Chan Chan Pyramids and Nazca people burial grounds. Our guide was an archaeologist with a big interest in the Nazca mummification process which made the tour much more informative. Our first stop was the cemetery where we could look down into the open graves of mummified Nazca people and the gifts of ceramics and other handicrafts they left with them.

nazca burial ground

Nazca Cemetery
Nazca Cemetery

 Chan Chan is the largest adobe (mud brick) city in the world and was built around AD 850 and existed until the Inca conquered it around 1470. The pyramids are quite well preserved and have some carvings still on the wall.

Chan Chan Pyramids
Chan Chan Pyramids

P1050362 P1050357

From Nazca there was an opportunity to fly over the infamous Nazca lines in a small 6 seated plane which Alex was keen to do. The guides were helpful in pointing out the huge lines made into the earths surface. The lines were made by the Nazca people around 450-650 AD. There are many shapes such as birds, monkeys, fish, shark and orcas with the largest shapes being up to 200m wide!

One of the many Nazca lines
One of the many Nazca lines



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