What’s his name? CUSCO

We have been eagerly anticipating our arrival to Cusco and Peru as we get to do the Amazon Jungle and Machu Picchu. Our first night we arrived we had a wander around the city and whilst it is obviously gringo-orientated it is a beautiful city with lovely architecture and fantastic restaurants.


Aviary Photo_130482128266008908

The shopping is more expensive and not as easy to navigate than La Paz but we still managed to find some fantastic purchases. Whilst Alex begun his 3 night 4 day Inca Trail hike I had a few days to navigate the beautiful city. My first day involved a lot of eating in gringo orientated restaurants and after weeks of eating so many potatoes in Bolivia! My next stop was some markets which I quickly learnt is quite different by yourself, local market women were hugging me and telling me to visit them again soon!

Markets in Cusco

I then headed over to ChocoMuseo to begin a chocolate making course, where we learnt about how cocoa is grown and processed. The course enabled us to make our own chocolate from whole cocoa beans and I got to try cocoa tea, mayan style hot chocolate and more. Once we were able to set our chocolate we got to add different ingredients such as oreos, nuts, coca, chilli, salt etc!

Choco Museo Cusco


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