An Amazing Amazon Jungle

Eco Amazonia Lodge

In between arriving Cusco and the Inca Trail a few of us started our amazon jungle experience by flying to Puerto Maldonado in the Amazon Basin. We then jumped on motorized canoes towards the Eco Amazonia Lodge which was much more beautiful than I expected with a swimming pool, bar and private large rooms. Once we arrived we put on our gumboots and jumped on a canoe headed for Monkey Island.

Motorised Canoes

Our guide was super friendly and enthusiastic about showing us the different plants that can be used for medicinal uses. We were able to spot an ant eater high up in the tree and as we ventured deeper into the jungle we started to spot a few little monkeys, once we pulled out a few bananas from our bags they were immediately interested in us! They started jumping out of the trees trying to steal them from us and a few monkeys were brave enough to jump on us!

Alex and a red howler Vanessa and a red howler monkey

A red howler monkey


As we ventured through the dense jungle we saw some jungle insects and spiders which were amazingly camouflaged. As we walked back to our canoe the sun was setting on the river.

Sunset in the amazon Amazon

Back at the lodge we all jumped in for a quick swim before our beautiful dinner and a few sneaky cocktails! That evening our guide took us out for a night time canoe ride which was incredibly peaceful being in the middle of the nowhere with just the sounds of the jungle and the most spectacular display of stars I have ever seen. We then rode around looking out for caymans which we were lucky enough to see lots of.


The next day we got up nice and early and headed out for a walk through the jungle where we were able to see lots of different plant species and some insects and spiders. We then got to walk up a look out to look over the canopy and have a rest!

Frog in the Amazon Jungle
Frog in the Amazon Jungle

Amazon Tree

the Jungle   Alex in the Jungle P1040973

Our guide then took us for a boat ride through a lake to see more of the diverse flora and fauna that the amazon has to offer.

P1040977 P1040987

On our walk back to the lodge we got our tarzan on and swung through the jungle on natural hanging branches.

Tarzan swings

At the lodge we had some free time to enjoy the balmy weather and take a dip in the pool. We then went out again on our canoes to try our luck at piranha fishing which some of us were lucky enough to catch! Our guide invited us to have a swim in the piranha infested waters which after some reassurance we all decided to do!


Fishing and swimming in the Amazon
The Amazon River Fishing and swimming in the Amazon

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