Potosi – the city of silver and altitude sickness


Potosi is the highest city we are staying at an altitude of 4090m above sea level. We had already experienced some altitude in uyuni and how hard it is to breathe but once we arrived in Potosi we were dropping off like flies from the dreaded altitude. My first stop was to go get some coca leaves and make myself some coca tea to help relieve the altitude sickness. Our first night we went and wandered around the city that used to be the richest in all of the Americans, the architecture still has Spanish influence and is quite grand but nothing like what it used to be. We had a poncho themed dinner as a group at a lovely restaurant as a birthday celebration for Hadley which was a lot of fun dressing up.
The next day the majority of our group went for a mine tour but after reading about the horrible conditions for the workers and the exposure to asbestos Alex and I decided to give it a miss. Instead Maddy, Nick, Alex and I chose to visit some hot springs instead. This was a great relaxing choice that had beautiful mountain views.


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