Salar de Uyuni

After 2 truck days of driving from Salta we arrived in Uyuni, Bolivia. We were all pretty excited about seeing Bolivia as we knew it had held onto its indigenous roots a lot more and had some pretty amazing shopping opportunities. Salar de Uyuni was our first destination from Uyuni on a 1night 2 day adventure. Salar de Uyuni is the world’s largest salt flats measuring 10,582 square kms! Our drivers came in “jeeps” also known as landcruisers and took us to a train cemetery first. The train line is no longer operational as it used to go to the coast for shipping but since Chile took the coastal land Bolivia’s need for trains diminished.







After the train cemetery we drove into the Salt flats and to a salt making factory where we learnt how the locals make the salt and then headed out onto the flats themselves ready for some fantastic photo opportunities (of us with our brand new matching jumpers). We drove out to fish island and had a homemade lunch of pasta, potatoes, bread and salad. We even had the chance to parasail on land behind a car (which I decided not to do as the landing situation confused me).






That evening we drove to our salt hotel, as soon as the sun set the weather became instantly cold but the house stayed surprisingly warm. Near the hotel was a chance to get photos of the sun setting near the volcano and to see some flamingos in the wild! Our hosts cooked us a beautiful pasta meal with potatoes and bread (as the bolivians LOVE carbs) and we all sat around and played cards and drank bolivian wine.







Day two we drove up to the volcano and were able to see lots of llamas, alpacas and do a tour inside a cave that had mummies in it, we learnt a bit about the local customs when someone dies. We then got to walk up the volcano to have fantastic views over the salt flats. A few of us decided to walk around our island and found a big pack of llamas and alpacas which was pretty beautiful.





We then drove back to our accommodation in Uyuni. After attempting to get the salt of us we headed into Uyuni for a dinner at La Loco, a French/bolivian restaurant which had a big log fire and then went to “extreme fun pub” where you can order drinks out of many assorted cups shaped as interesting body shapes. We had an extreme amount of fun!




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