ATVing in Cafayate

After a day of driving we arrived in Cafayate at our campsite and the cook group cooked us up some pasta whilst we drank wine and set up our tents for the next 2 nights. This was our first time camping on our tour and although we had to set up the tents it was still a lot of fun hanging out with our new friends.

The next day Nick, Maddy, Alex and I walked into the town square and inquired about going on an ATV tour, the tour guide drove us up to the foot of the mountains and we jumped on our vehicles for the next few hours. The drive up through the foot of the mountains was incredibly scenic and seeing it from the back of an ATV was even more fun! The boys loved being able to drive around and show off on their quad bikes





P1030965P1030957 P1030974 P1030977


The town itself was really cute and I found a store where a lady was handpainting shoes and other items of clothing and just had to buy these llama shoes! So much fun!



And in usual south American style there was some adorable stray dogs



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