Cordoba, Argentina


As we arrived into Cordoba it seemed like a bit of a ghost town with not much to do but that soon changed as the sun went down, after our orientation walk my new friend Maddy and I stumbled across a very cool looking bar called be happy, the dim lighting and funky light fittings instantly made us want to check it out. The interior was equally as good with brightly coloured glass windows, graffiti walls and a roof terrace, obviously we chose to eat up on the roof terrace. The food was delicious with big servings and delicious cocktails, all in all it was a great night spent with a few of our tucan mates!





The next day we had a wander around the city and enjoyed having a proper coffee but due it being a Sunday most of the museums and city attractions were closed so we headed back to our hostel and enjoyed a diy bruschetta on the hostels roof terrace with the rest of our crew. Once again the city got busy as soon as it got dark and we headed for some markets downtown, these markets were a lot bigger than Mendoza with a lot more handicrafts and even some vintage goodies. Since we planned the trip I really wanted to get a yerba mate cup as a souvenir but as they are made out of a gourd I knew getting them through Australian customs would be almost impossible I settled for the special yerba mate straws, there were so many beautiful choices but I found two with Argentinian coins (surprise, surprise) that I thought would be a wonderful memory of my time in Argentina and they only set me back $2 each! After an amazing time shopping with Nick and Maddy (one of our fellow tucan couples) we headed to this really trendy looking bar called Dada Mini, by night time this bar was exceptionally cool. All of the seating was outdoor under strings of bunting and graffiti walls and brightly coloured carnival lighting, this by far was one of the coolest restaurants I had ever seen. The food was equally as delicious and it was so lovely to be in a non-gringo restaurant with cool locals.







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