2 Days of Wine and Sun

The next day the majority of our group got dressed up in op shop fancy dress and went on a wine bike tour to a few of Mendozas infamous wineries. We started out by going to a distillery and sampling some of their liquers including a shot of absinth which was pretty interesting at 10am! The rest of the day involved biking around lovely dirt roads from winery to winery experiencing what Mendoza has to offer! We had a beautiful lunch at a brewery in a beer garden with pizzas and empanadas and got to try some of their house made beers, this was such a fantastic way to get to know my new friends for then next 62 days in a relaxed and fun setting. We got to go out and officially celebrate my birthday with dinner, wine and cake (with a candle!) at a nice local micro-brewery.



P1030770 P1030792

P1030804 P1040806

Our second day in Mendoza was spent wandering the city and enjoying the Argentinian sun, we walked up to San Martin park and wandered around the lake and garden, shopped at the central market for a cheap hostel tapas style dinner. Mendoza also has some pretty great artist markets with local people selling their handicrafts, this reminded me a lot of Australian art markets being quite classy and displaying some real quality work! I found my first South American souveniers, a necklace made from an Argentinian coin, 2 rings made from different coins (a bit of a theme here) and a brightly coloured bangle all for a great price!

P1030849 P1030845 P1030851



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