Hitting the tourist spots

On the Wednesday we left Olivia in the city to start her contiki Coachella tour and Joe, Alex and I went into the Grand central market for a quick breakfast which was a really cool spot to grab a variety of food including some pretty fresh juices. We then drove to Graumans Chinese theatre and the walk of fame, I thought Graumans was interesting with all the handprints and footprints of famous people. Our next tourist spot was to see the Hollywood Sign, last year we found a way to drive up pretty close to the sign so we thought we would do this again as it gave us some pretty awesome photos up close to it plus the drive through the Hollywood hills is lovely as there are so many beautiful houses.





Alex and I had been really hoping to go to Venice Beach and Santa Monica this year as we didn’t have much time to do it last year and the beach was everything I had hoped for. Santa Monica was classy and clean with the beautiful pier with restaurants and the little theme park plus golden sands and beautiful water. The shopping at Santa Monica was also pretty phenomenal and I had to resist the urge to eat at all the lovely restaurants along the beach. Venice beach was also lovely but in a very different way – I loved walking along the beachside and shopping at the various markets and Alex couldn’t get enough of the amazing skateboarders at the skate park. Muscle beach was also pretty amusing watching the overly muscly men work out! I’m really looking forward to exploring more of Los Angeles and the beautiful beaches it has in July.







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