Coachella weekend 2



On April 17th we drove down to Coachella Valley where the infamous Coachella valley music and arts festival is held every year. This is our second time going to Coachella and after loving it so much last year we decided it was a must! I love Coachella as it has great music but it also has an amazing layout, great culture, wonderful art and delicious food!
This year was pretty exciting as we had a few friends going to the festival, we also decided to stay with family friends who live in Coachella Valley and drive in every day. For those of you reading who want to know more about the parking – it’s surprisingly good. It was easy, quick, and efficient and most of all – free!
After hearing so much about weekend one on the news we had a lot of hopes about so many collaborations and we weren’t let down, although I was really hoping Janelle Monae would get up on stage with Outkast and she didn’t the performance was outstanding. A few people said they weren’t that impressed with Outkast but I thought they were amazing and everything I had expected. Pharell Williams totally owned his set with so many amazing collaborations! All in all it was an amazing weekend!




















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