Disneyland – the happiest place on earth


Disney California Adventure Park

On the Tuesday Joe, Olivia, Alex and I ventured out to the happiest place on earth – Disneyland! As it’s school holidays in the states we decided to get started pretty early and drove out to Anaheim.

As we had already been to Paris Disneyland it was amazing how similar the two parks are albeit a few small differences. Unlike the Paris Disneyland they have the fireworks and water show at two different times as the castle in LA doesn’t have the lakes next to it but it meant they had a bigger and better water and light show on the river- this was such an amazing show based on the fantasia movie! They also have a fireworks and water show over at Disney’s California adventure park but the times were too similar.

As usual the lines were pretty long but most rides were totally worth the wait and it was made better by having fun people to spend it with! Here is some photos of our experience at the happiest place on earth.


Cars land ride

Alex at Cars Land



Disneyland California




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