A little introduction to Us

Welcome to Hola Backpack!

I’m Vanessa, a faux red head, crazy dog lady and lover of tea. The beautiful natural red head, moustache adorned man is my amazing husband Alex. I work in retail and Alex is a builder and a Dj. This blog will be about our trip through America, South America and Mexico in 2014.


We have a lovely house in the ‘burbs’ of Adelaide with 2 beautiful dogs; Salchicha the dachshund and Banjo the kelpie x blue heeler.


We love to travel, yeah I KNOW, everybody loves to travel but I feel like I should have been born with a backpack on my back like a tortuguita (little turtle in spanish). I have done a lot of Australia but hey that’s easy when it’s my home country but my real love of travel started on our honeymoon in Thailand and we caught the ominous “travel bug”.

In 2012 we did 100 days couch surfing around Europe meeting some amazing people and seeing some truly incredible things. Then in 2012 we started off our year by visiting Kangaroo Island with a friend we met through couch surfing then we travelled to America to go to Coachella Music festival and saw Los Angeles, Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon. In August we headed over to Vietnam for 3 weeks and travelled up from Ho Chi Minh City through Hội An and Hanoi. We also were fortunate enough to fit in another trip to Kangaroo Island.  I’d love to hear about you and your blog so leave me some love.


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